This page is intended to record, in chronological order, the shows performed by the club.
In addition, you can access the adjudication links on the right-hand side of the most recent table.

Year 2012 to Present Day
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type NotesAdjudication/s
2024 Dick Whittington James Milne Pantomime  
2022 A Fete Worse Than Death Graham Pipe Summer (Comedy) Play NODA
Off The Hook Jane Smith Spring Play Much enjoyed by cast and audiences NODA
'Twas The Night Before Christmas Pauline Roast Winter Play The revitalising of the Club after COVID-19 lockdowns NODA
2020 The remainder of the drama club's 2020 programme was cancelled due the Covid-19 pandemic.
Aladdin Sue Matten Pantomime   NODA
2019 Let's Be 'Avin' You Roger Lyons Gimson    
Restless Spirits Graham Pipe Spring Play Graham wrote and
directed the play
Mother Goose Michelle Bacon Pantomime   NODA
2018 Stoppit Paul Galbraith Gimson Juniors  
A Quiet Life Roger Lyons Adults
A Spot of Murder Sue Matten Spring Play   NODA
Sleeping Beauty James Milne Pantomime   NODA
2017 Mediocrity James Milne Summer Production Three Plays in One Evening Not Adjudicated
Us and Them Jane Smith
Sharks in the Custard Ann Hewett
Mediocrity James Milne Gimson    
'Allo 'Allo Michelle Bacon Spring Play   NODA
Babes in the Wood Graham Pipe Pantomime Written by Graham Pipe NODA
2016 The Show Must Go On Jack Williams Revue   Not Adjudicated
Sharks in the Custard Jane Smith Gimson Best Production : Best Actress :
Best Supporting Actress
Inspector Drake's Last Case Pauline Roast Spring Play   NODA
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Michelle Bacon Pantomime   NODA
2015 REFLEX Jack Williams Revue   NETG
A Little Box of Oblivion Jane Smith Gimson    
Something Wicked Ian Lodge Spring Play Written by Ian Lodge NODA
Red Riding Hood Sue Matten Pantomime   NODA
2014 SMILE Michelle Bacon Revue   NETG
Hangover Len Howard Gimson Written by Ian Lodge  
Spring Play Cancelled
Aladdin Jack Williams Pantomime   NODA
2013 The Pirates of Penzance Tom Duchan and
Heather Howard
Comic Opera  
Fawlty Towers George Greenham Play/s The Builders
Communication Problems
The Germans
Jack and the Beanstalk Jack Williams Pantomime   NODA
2012 Jubilations Len Howard Revue    
The Unexpected Guest Sue Matten Play   NODA
Cinderella Jenny Higgins/
Ian Lodge
Pantomime   NODA
Year 2000 to 2011
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
2011 Energy Linda Burgess Revue Wardrobe Award
Snowed Under Daffyd Bates
Written by: Ann-Marie Latter
Gimson Awarded; Best Production and
Best Supporting Actor
Last Tango in Wickham Bishops
Last Panto in Wickham Bishops
Ian Lodge Two One-act Plays  
Dick Whittington Jenny Higgins Panto Wardrobe and Front of House Awards
2010 Pinocchio Richard Cowan Panto  
Hand Over Fist Pauline Roast Play  
Interior Designs Sue Matten Gimson  
Summer Variety Len Howard Revue  
2009 OK Corral Cynthia Stead Panto  
3 One Act Plays Irby/Matten Plays  
Cut in the Rates Debbie Irby Gimson  
Can't Stop the Beat Michelle Bacon Revue  
2008 Sleeping Beauty Sue Matten Panto  
Goodnight Mrs Puffin Jenny Higgins Play  
Night's Candle( Bocking) Sue Matten Gimson  
Shine Linda Burgess Revue  
2007 Babes in the Wood Richard Cowen Panto  
House Guest Sue Matten Play  
Departure (Braintree) Debbie Irby Gimson  
Lights, Curtain, Action Karen Scollard Revue  
2006 Aladdin Cynthia Stead Panto 1st production in new (2005) village hall
Caught in the Net Jenny Higgins Play  
Crossways (Maldon) Sue Matten Gimson  
Animal Magic Michael Dunion Revue  
2005 Mother Goose Sue Matten Panto  
Run for your Wife Jenny Higgins Play  
The Trial(GT) Debbie Irby Gimson  
Work and Play Janet James Revue  
2004 Red Riding Hood Sue Matten Panto  
Three One Act Plays Jenny Higgins Play  
Walking Dead(WB) Jenny Higgins Gimson  
Variety Tonight Pauline Roast Revue  
2003 Cinderella J.Higgins Panto  
Gone Up in Smoke S.Matten Play  
Woomerang J.Higgins Gimson  
De Ja Revue Pauline Roast Revue  
2002 Sleeping Beauty J.Higgins Panto  
Stalker Beware R.Hutson Comedy  
A Dog's Life(Braintree) M. Dunion Gimson  
Out of This World L. Burgess Revue  
2001 Jack and the Beanstalk R. Cowen Panto  
Out of Focus J. Stoneham Play  
Wicked Kids Pauline Roast Junior Workshop  
Snow White's Revenge (GT) R. Hutson Gimson  
2000 Robinson Crusoe J. Higgins Panto  
Tomb with a View J. Higgins Comedy  
Euro Tour 2000 J. Stoneham Revue  
Year 1990 to 1999
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1999 Aladdin J. Higgins Panto  
Noises Off M. Dunnion Comedy  
World Premiere(Maldon) S.Matten Gimson  
Let Us Transport You J. Stoneham Revue  
1998 Goldilocks and the Three Bears A. Dobinson Panto  
Wanted One Body J. Higgins Comedy  
The Yesterday Man (Braintree) Mike Dunnion Gimson  
Taking Steps Ron Hutson Play  
1997 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves C. Stead Panto  
Unvarnished Truth J. Higgins Comedy  
One Season's King (GT) P. Moss Gimson  
What's In a Name J.Stoneham Revue  
1996 Humpty Dumpty P. Midwood Panto  
Shut Your Eyes and Think of England J. Stoneham Comedy  
A Different Way To Die(WB) P. Moss Gimson  
Out of Town J. Stoneham Revue  
Murder Mistaken J. Edmonds/P. Moss Play  
1995 Mother Goose P. Midwood Panto  
Workshop Variety Show C. Stead Workshop  
The Anniversary S. Matten Play  
Receive This Light(Braintree) M. Dunnion/P. Moss Gimson  
Showtime L. Wilkinson/A. Dobinson Revue  
1994 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves J. Stoneham Panto  
My Three Angels P. Midwood Comedy  
Interior Designs. (Maldon) M. Dunnion Gimson  
All Aboard J. Edmonds Revue  
1993 Sleeping Beauty P. Midwood Panto  
A Cuckoo in the Nest P. Midwood Comedy  
Workshop   Workshop  
The Queen's Ring (GT) S. Jones Gimson  
Al Jolson Story R. Ibbotson Revue  
1992 Dick Whittington S. Matten Panto  
Candid Peel P. Midwood Comedy  
Cup Final. (WB) S. Jones Gimson  
Best of British R. Jones Revue  
1991 Cinderella R. Cowen Panto  
Workshop   Workshop  
Friends and Neighbours S. Jones Comedy  
Merry Regiment of Women.(Plume) C. Stead Gimson  
Speakeasy R. Ibbotson Revue  
1990 Sinbad The Sailor C. Stead Panto  
Play Time   Play  
The Flesh Game (Braintree/Bocking J. Stoneham Gimson  
Heavens Above J. Stoneham Revue  
Year 1980 to 1989
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1989 Jack and the Beanstalk R. Cowen Panto  
Key For Two S. Jones Comedy  
Dress Rehearsal (Maldon) C. Stead Gimson  
The London Scene   Revue  
1988 Aladdin P. Midwood Panto  
A Fish out of Water J. Higgins Comedy  
Edward B. Brown Gimson  
Big Top   Revue  
Flashback (workshop)   Revue  
1987 Red Riding Hood P. Midwood Panto  
Post Horn Gallop P. Midwood Comedy  
Post Horn Gallop (1st Act) (WB) P. Midwood Gimson  
Showtime. (workshop) J. Bass/L. Armstrong Musical  
American Revue   Revue  
1986 Babes in the Wood C. Stead Panto  
A Bird in the Hand J. Stoneham Comedy  
The Passing of Clever Cloggs H. Neill Gimson  
Hi & Dri   Revue  
September Song (workshop)   Revue  
1985 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves R. Cowen Panto  
Relatively Speaking H. Neill Comedy  
Pied Piper (workshop) B. Brown Musical  
Gosforth's Fete (ASM) R. Cowen Gimson Gimson Festival started - a competition of one act plays between local clubs; a different club plays host each year
Nosh and Nostalgia   Revue  
Curtain Cabaret   Revue  
1984 Sleeping Beauty J. Smith Panto  
Oliver Twist - (workshop) J. Crane Musical  
Move Over Mrs Markham J. Smith Comedy  
Festival Nightmare. (GT)   Gimson  
Just For A Laugh J. Stoneham Revue  
1983 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves J. Smith Panto  
Mothers Day. (WB) H. Neill Gimson  
Oliver   Revue  
1982 Cinderella   Panto  
Alls Well that Ends as You Like it J. Smith Gimson  
Hocus Pocus L. Wilkinson Magic Show  
1981 Dick Whittington   Panto  
1980 Bus Outing   Revue?  
Year 1970 to 1979
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1979 Mother Goose P. Midwood Panto  
1978 Cinderella   Panto  
Absent Friends N. Champion Comedy  
1977 Puss In Boots P. Midwood Panto  
1976 Goody Two Shoes P. Midwood Panto  
1975 Cinderella P. Midwood Panto  
Suddenly At Home P. Midwood Play  
1974 Babes in the Wood B. Manaton Panto  
Big Bad Mouse P. Midwood Comedy  
1973 Aladdin B. Manaton Panto  
Blithe Spirit B. Manaton Play  
1972 Dick Whittington B. Manaton Panto  
Half Way up the Tree P. Manaton Comedy  
Busy Body P. Manaton Comedy  
1971 Jack and the Beanstalk B. Manaton Panto  
Noah S. Freeman/F. Gibbon Play  
Deadly Record P. Manaton Play  
1970 Sleeping Beauty J. Windley Panto  
Love's a Luxury B. Manaton Comedy  
The Public Eye F. Wilkinson One Act Play  
Year 1960 to 1969
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1969 Cinderella B. Muir Panto  
Cat on the Fiddle M. Bickmore Comedy  
1968 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves J. Windley Panto  
No Time for Fig Leaves D. Hawkins Comedy  
1967 Robinson Crusoe J. Windley Panto  
Doctor in the House F. Wilkinson/D. Hawkins Comedy  
1966 Babes in the Wood B. Manaton Panto  
Dear Charles D. Hawkins Comedy  
1965 Now and Then   Revue  
The Amorous Prawn D. Hawkins Comedy  
1963 A River Breeze/Final Rehearsal   1 Act Plays  
Pool's paradise   Farce  
1962 Whittington Goes West   Panto  
Charlie's Aunt   Play  
1961 Cinderella   Panto  
Wild Goose Chase   Play  
1960 Robinson Crusoe   Panto  
Something to Hide   Thriller  
Year 1950 to 1959
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1959 Aladdin   Panto  
Reluctant Debutante   2 Act Play  
1958 Rose and Crown   1 Act Play  
Right of Search   1 Act Play  
The New Revue   Revue  
1957 Oriental Fantasy   Revue  
1954 Dick Whittington   Panto  
This Happy Breed   Play  
1953 Grand national Night   Play  
Carnival Revue   Revue  
1952 Quiet Weekend   Comedy  
Cinderella   Panto  
Carnival Revue   Revue  
Sit Down a Minute Adrian   Comedy  
1951 Pink String and Sealing Wax   Play  
Carnival Revue   Revue  
1950 Folies Burlesques   Variety Show  
Sorcery in a Suburb   1 Act Play  
Fools Rush In   Comedy  
Year 1928 to 1949
Year Production Producer/Director Show Type Notes
1949 Rest Cure/Dark Brown   1 Act Plays 1st production as Wickham Bishops Drama Club
Carnivaria   Variety Show  
Suspect   3 Act Play  
1931 Miss Hook of Holland      
1930 The Rebel Maid   Play  
Rookery Nook   Play  
1929 Iolanthe   Opera  
French Leave   Play 1st production in new (1929) Village hall - previously in Church hall
1928 HMS Pinafore   Operetta The Great Totham and
Wickham Bishops Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society